How to play the Canfield solitaire

Canfield solitaire also known as Klondike. No one knows how this mix up in names happened, but no matter what you called it, You are sure to enjoy this game. This is really interesting to play. The level of the canfield solitaire is challenging and played spider solitaire free online . This is also one player game and 52 card game.


1- You need to shuffle the cards, count off 13 cards face down into a pile. Turn the pile up and put it on your left. This is your 13 pile.

2- Deal the next, or fourtheenth, card face up. Put it out in the middle of the table. Since it is to be foundation card on which other cards will be played. Suppose you have card five. The  other five you have to come to them, will then be the other foundation cards.

3- Now place the next 4 cards face up in the row between yourself and the foundation card. These are the layout cards.

4- Count off 3 cards in a single group , remaining card from the top of the pack is in your hand. Put them in the table and face up in the pile.

5- You have to place the cards in opposite color and one rank lower.

6- You have to play this until all cards are placed on the four foundation.